Somatic, Expressive Arts Therapy

When Words Are Not Enough

For Adults and Children alike, exploring this very moment is the key to learning the most valuable life skills.

So you think you're not creative? No matter your age or ability, Expressive Arts Therapy can help you visualize and express thoughts, emotions, challenges, dreams and aspirations in a way that goes beyond words and into the heart of the matter.
Practicing creative expression and if need be, restoring a belief in our creativity, is vital. Tapping our imagination and self expression deepens our resilience and strengthens our relationships. Learning to release harsh judgement of our creative abilities allows for pleasurable and restorative flow. When we accept our creative spirit, we can more easily view our lives as a work of art that we are making, accepting and ultimately embracing.

Expressive Arts Therapy is not defined by a single technique. Each Expressive Arts Therapist uses an approach that is as unique as you are. Participants may practice making visual art, physical movement, poetry, drama, music, or play. Together with your therapist/guide, you discover an active means of creative expression that feels natural to you in the moment.

Though many of us equate "expression" with revealing things we'd rather keep hidden, Expressive Arts lets you set the pace and share what you find relevant. With the experienced and credentialed Expressive Arts Therapist, your own creativity will not take you where you are not ready to go. You are in charge of your choices, guided and supported along your creative journey.

     Somatic Expressive Arts includes an element of Mindfulness, body-based awareness through movement, meditation, dance or yoga.  Stress affects us at a body level.  Seeking the wisdom of the body can be the key to finding the profound self respect needed to meet our greatest challenges.

Kim Tompkins, LMHC, BC-DMT, R-YT

Somatic and Expressive Arts Therapist

Beverly and Salem, MA